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The Noble Muse by TerryTatcher
The Noble Muse
The Noble Muse is the last of a once powerful race who had evolved beyond the barriers of dimensional fabric. He is neither here nor there, yet he is omnipresent. He can be everywhere and nowhere at once. He uses this talent, along with other learned skills like telekinesis, teleportation, intangibility, and invisibility to interact with our world and inspire [mostly me] with ideas, concepts, and dreams.

I feel like his skin is a bit too light, but originally it was a shade darker and it made it hard to see the shadows and details on the rest of his body.
Tatsuki by TerryTatcher
Got a new computer and Manga Studio. I think it helped improve my art. Definitely thinking about practicing more.

Yes. I noticed that the underwear is dripping purple. I tried to fix it, but it was 4 in the morning and I couldn't find the right layer. 

There's so much room for improvement, but I'm proud of how far I've come.
I want a Tarot Deck of my own, but I don't like the typical decks. I'm looking for something... Alien, unique, monstrous, but also elegant, graceful, and beautiful. 

I'm a fan of quickly drawn/sketch looks, but I need the images to be clear as to what they are. If you're unsure as to what it is I'm asking, here are some links:

Alien like this: <da:thumb id="352151419"/>
Unique like this: <da:thumb id="381493688"/>
Roughly painted like this: She by telthona
Bold like this: The Sun King by jameszapata
Beautiful like this: The Last Angel by Grivetart
Unique like this: The King in Yellow by Grivetart

I realize that these are very different examples of art. I'm unable to find a way to encompass what it is I'm looking for without half a dozen examples.

Post your rates and examples below and/or message me.


TerryTatcher's Profile Picture
Mr. Thatcher
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I'm a world builder. I can't say I come up with original stories or unique ideas, but my passion is creation. I have delved deep into generating a world all my own. Too bad I can't live there.

I love reading and sharing and bouncing ideas around, though I have an issue with the deviantart culture. Not all of you. In fact, most of you are amazing, fantastic people. But one bad apple spoils the bunch and I'm not one to be very... hrm... tolerant?

Current Residence: home
Favourite genre of music: Swing
Favourite style of art: *shrug* Whatever looks good and catches my eye.
Operating System: The one with the fastest internet?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod? Just cuz I have one?
Favourite cartoon character: LSP
Personal Quote: "Because we can!"

And by the way, I'm a dude.
I have created a universe with 8 fully developed planets, 62 partly-developed planets, 19 systems of government, 6 galaxies, 44 types of flora, 18 animals, 17 species, a system of magic that marries to physics, and over 50 characters. It's huge. I have also created the timeline from 2000 years before the universe was created all the way up to 13,000 years (of actual plot, not just physics doing its thing) later where BOOK ONE starts. I've created enough material so that I could live the next 30 years of my life writing a new book each year in that universe and still have some stuff left over. But here's the kicker:

I hate writing.

It's boring, painful, and my ADD seems to overwhelm me when I decide to sit down and actually do it. I believe I have enough talent to write something that might pass as bathroom reading material, or a book you find stuffed in a box rather than standing on shelf, but I have no willpower to write it. Why?

Writing is hard.

I was not born to write. I was born to create. Unfortunately, what I create is stories and plots and characters and worlds and all that fun stuff.  In fact, right now, I am bored and thinking about how much food I could buy with my pathetically small paycheck instead of writing my book.

Also, intros are the worst things in the world. You have to completely set the mood and scene, not to mention all the details you have to cram in so the reader isn't lost, all while trying to keep the reader hooked and guess what! You have to do it all one less than one page. Double-spaced. It is a pain in the butt and I hate it more than anything else in the whole world.

Except Math.
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  • Listening to: Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw

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